My name is Piotr Galiński. I'm a 24 year old guitar player, vocalist and songwriter from Cracow, Poland.

My relationship with music has started rather early. I grew up in a very musical family and among the first instruments I learned to play were a recorder and an irish whistle. As my early childhood attempts to play the guitar turned out a total failure, I simply put that instrument away for a long time. Throughout the consecutive years I learned some basic chords and a couple of songs, nevertheless every time I set my mind on playing, I gave up after a few months at the most. I used to try picking up any other instrument, but nothing seemed exciting enough to devote myself to it.

Everything changed suddenly when as a 15-year old I first listened to 'Stadium Arcadium' album by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The way John Frusciante played there almost blew my mind and from that time on I have been dreaming to play just like he does. For about a year I used to practice for hours each day playing my classical guitar and then in 2007 I finally bought myself an electric one and seriously got into it. During weekends I would spend as much as 12-14 hours playing. At that time I also got to know bands like AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Van Halen and The Darkness, which is still my favourite band today.

Youtube: ...

I started my YouTube channel in 2006 and has always treated it as a great source of knowledge on guitar playing, which appeared to be very helpful in my beginner’s years. I was also an avid fan of other cover-oriented channels like those by ‘pasterofmuppets’, ‘KOBIBA’ or ‘Solodallas’. In the mid 2008 I decided to give it a shot and uploaded my first cover, which was 'I Believe In A Thing Called Love' by The Darkness. At first it was just fun and at that time I didn’t realize how much involved I would eventually become.

In time the quality of my materials improved and my videos got more and more views. Consequently, also my channel gained more subscribers. YouTube has always played an important role in my life and it also proved very helpful in my development as a musician. I started to treat music-making more seriously, I took lessons from many Cracow-based guitarists and in time I also applied to the Cracow School Of Jazz And Contemporary Music. Meanwhile, I played and sang with a few local rock bands.


In 2014 I joined folk-rock band Słowiany. It's an international project consisting of 6 musicians from Poland, Ukraine and France. We were featured in 8th edition of TV show 'Must Be The Music', getting the highest score from professional jury. In 2 years we played almost 100 shows in Poland and Europe, appeared in various TV programs, and recorded our first album: 'Remedium' (I was also responsible for mixing it).

In 2015 I made it to the final of the biggest guitar competition in Poland - 'Solo Życia' hosted by famous Polish bassist Mietek Jurecki (Budka Suflera, Perfect).

Today my channel has 10 000+ subscribers and 3 000 000 views. I started working on my first full-length album which will be available during summer 2016. I also became a guitar teacher in Guitarmanic guitar school and I'm taking part in various musical projects including my most recent band - Rewind. What the future has in store? Time will tell.